​Shaving Brush Care

Posted by Jim Bilger on Jan 24, 2022

During shaving, your shaving brush comes into contact with soap and possibly very hard or chlorinated water. 

  1. Rinse it with lukewarm water after each shave to remove hair and lather. 
  2. Knock it out several times to remove the water from the brush. 
  3. Do NOT wring it out in a towel or use a hairdryer – both would damage the soft structure of the brush. 
  4. Set it on the handle base or hang in a stand to dry.

Even if you wash your brush thoroughly after each shave, a thin film of soap and lime forms on the brush hair over time. That stiffens the bristles and in the worst case, could cause them to break off the next time you shave. To prevent this, you should:

  1. Wash your brush at regular intervals with shampoo or detergent. 
  2. Work with warm water.
  3. Be careful not to bend the hair when shampooing.

With these steps, you protect the hair structure of the bristles, maintain their flexibility, and extend the life of your shaving brush.

shaving brush cleaning and care

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