Zowada Premium “Shave Ready” Honing Service


The notion of a straight razor being “shave ready” can mean different things to different people. All DOVO razors are fully sharpened and inspected before leaving the factory in Solingen, Germany. For the wet shave enthusiast looking for the absolute finest possible edge on their new razor, Dovo Online offers a premium “shave ready” honing service by master razor craftsman Tim Zowada.

In the modern era, Tim was the first craftsman to make razors, full time, in the United States. He was also the first razor maker to use Damascus steel, of his own manufacture, in his razors. Since then, he has continued to innovate by making his “Tim-ahagane” steel from iron ore he collects himself. As far as we know, Tim is the only person in the world currently crafting razors from steel made entirely by himself. When not making razors and knives, Tim teaches and lectures in order to preserve his craft. Tim has won awards and been published in leading blade craft journals. Tim finds honing razors “a wonderful way to break up the day with something relaxing and enjoyable.”

Zowada – Shave Ready Services

Japanese Natural Stones Progression (Jnats) - $60 (includes shipping)

“I have had my very best shaves ever from razors honed on Jnats…” - Tim Zowada

  1. Reset Bevel then:
  2. Midrange - Nakayama Suita Karasu Sunasi Asagi
  3. Finish - Nakayama Kiita Naishi or, Nakayama Asagi Karasu or, Nakayama Asagi or, Shinden Asagi  (which one depends on the steel type and hardness)
  4. Stropping - Kanayama Canvas and Cordovan

Synthetic Stone Progression – Escher Finish - $35 (includes shipping)

  1. Reset Bevel then:
  2. Midrange - Norton 4000 Waterstone
  3. Midrange II – Norton 8000 Waterstone
  4. Finish – Blue/green Escher
  5. Stropping – Canvas and Horsehide (Kanayama Cordovan on request)

Please allow 7-10 days added shipping time for Zowada services. Service through Dovo Online available for new razors purchased from Dovo Online only. Razors processed through the Zowada Honing service are sold "as is" and are not returnable unless there is a manufacturing defect in the razor.