How to Take Care of and Sharpen Your Straight Razor

Posted by Jim Bilger on Jan 24, 2022

Straight Razor Care

Are you new to the world of classic wet-shaving? Have a warm welcome! To make you feel at home right away, we have a few tips for the right care and treatment of your straight razor

You have carefully selected your shaving utensils and decided on a high-quality product – but only with the proper care will your tools accompany you for many years to come. It is not difficult to learn how to care for a straight razor, but there are a few essential tips you should follow.

straight razor care

Before Shaving

Before you start shaving, you begin by stropping your straight razor. To do this, you:

  1. Rub your hand over the belt to clean it of dust and dirt. 
  2. Place your straight razor with back and blade gently on the tightly tensioned strop belt and pull the straight razor in the direction of the back of the blade without applying much pressure. 
  3. Keep the strop tight; otherwise, you could damage the cutting edge. 
  4. When you have reached the end of the strop, turn the straight razor over on its back and start the procedure with the other side. 

After 10-15 turns, your straight razor is ready for a gentle shave. 

before shaving

After Shaving

To remove leather residue and cut hair from your straight razor, rinse it with warm water. Now carefully dab the straight razor dry with a soft cloth. 

Please be careful not to touch the cutting edge. Otherwise, you could damage the microscopic burr at the cutting edge. 

We recommend that you store the straight razor in a well-ventilated place, as this is the best way to protect the metal from tarnishing or oxidation. Since the burr of the straight razor bends slightly during shaving, leave the straight razor to rest for 48 hours. During this time, the burr can realign itself. 

Rub the blade with an acid-free oil such as a camellia or paraffin oil if you’re not going to shave in near future.

after shaving

Sharpening the Straight Razor

If you have the feeling that stropping doesn’t achieve the desired effect, the cotton or hemp side of a belt can help. Very experienced shavers will rub it with an abrasive and pull the straight razor several times on it to sharpen the blade. Honing should not be done by beginners as a wrong pull can ruin the razor’s edge!

If your straight razor doesn’t feel sharp or the shave slowly becomes a little rough, it can be resharpened again. The best way to do this is to contact us directly, as the cutting edge of a straight razor and the complex blade geometry have to be ground very precisely. That’s the only way to ensure that your shave is as gentle and thorough as ever.

If you ever drop your straight razor, the entire blade may have to be resharpened again. Send us best a photo via the Help Center, so we can assess the damage.


Please don’t be overwhelmed with the care procedures of your straight razor. After a short time, the steps will become second nature to you. The care becomes a very personal part of your morning ritual, just like your toast, newspaper, or tie. Just think of our tips as a map – you’ll quickly find your way to your destination. 

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