Dovo Closing Scissors and Manicure Business

Posted by Jim Bilger on Jan 24, 2022

After 114 years, Dovo Stahlwaren of Solingen, Germany has made the decision to stop producing scissors, shears and manicure tools and to focus solely on its shaving and razor business. The current SCISSORS, SHEARS and MANICURE TOOLS that are in stock on Dovo Online are the last of these items from Dovo that we will have. They will be sold on a first come, first served basis and we can no longer take any special orders for items that we do not stock.

Dovo Online is the largest U.S. dealer for Dovo Stahlwaren but we are not the manufacturer. 

Our parent company, Corrado Cutlery of Chicago, was itself a Dovo dealer for nearly 100 years and we are very sad to see such a well made and well thought of brand no longer being produced. However, we now sell German SCISSORS and MANICURE TOOLS on our CORRADO CUTLERY website. 

Dovo Online will continue to sell DOVO STRAIGHT RAZORS and shaving goods. Our partner site MERKURSHAVE.COM features the finest in classic shaving products and DOUBLE EDGE SAFETY RAZORS razors made by Merkur Stahlwaren in Solingen.

Thank you for your continued interest in high quality cutlery products.