Dovo - Straight Razor 3 BARBAROSSA, 5/8", Short, Black Ebony, German Solingen (46581)

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The 5/8 inch DOVO Barbarossa has been designed for the needs of barbers and bearded men. The special feature of this straight razor is its short blade. It is particularly maneuverable and precise to control. Thus the user can shape and contour his beard with millimetre accuracy. The fine engraving of the famous bearded Emperor Barbarossa adds a beautiful flair to this unique razor.


DOVO. Masterpieces in Steel. Handcrafted in Solingen - since 1906.

The Solingen ordinance is your guarantee of quality. It sets production, material and quality standards for cutlery produced in Solingen Germany, long called the "City of Blades."

1 Review

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    Amazing quality, PERFECT shave

    Posted by Marcos Sendon on Aug 27, 2021

    This was the first time I have ever used a straight razor...and I loved it! The Barbarossa was a perfect fit for me. Its smaller blade made it very controllable. The shave was effortless as the blade is of such high quality you could feel and hear it work. As a first-timer, my natural apprehension evaporated. As I continue to use the Barbarossa, I am really getting a feel for the contours of my face and how the smaller blade is excellent for outlining and trimming my goatee. Thank yu for such a wonderful product. it has made something that used to be mundane into an experience that is actually relaxing and fulfilling. I will happily recommend the Barbarossa to my family and friend. Danke!

Material: Carbon steel 1.2210
Handle Material: Black ebony
Product Details: Spanish point, biconcave profile, one-sided ribbed tang
Grind: Full Hollow ground
Blade Width: 5/8"
Dimensions: 5.6 in x 1.06 in x .43 in
Made in Solingen, Germany


This straight razor is made of carbon steel with the material number 1.2210, better known as silver steel. In order to achieve a hardness of approximately 61 HRC, the material is heated to over 1000 degrees celsius and then immediately quenched with a special oil. The subsequent tempering at about 200 degrees celsius gives the blade elasticity and toughness.


Ebony is one of the most valuable woods on earth. It is extremely hard and heavy. Therefore, it is perfect for the production of a high-quality handle. Its structure allows the wood to retain its shape even in humid environments and prevents swelling of the material. Several grind cycles are necessary to create the silky smooth surface.


During hollow grinding, the straight razor is ground concavely from the back to the cutting edge. This design combines great flexibility with high torsional rigidity in longitudinal form. Enjoy the satisfying sound and feel of a gentle shave from the vibration of the razor blade trimming your facial hair.


The Spanish point is an elaborately designed shape for razor points. Its unique shape comes from its concave form with a slightly rounded tip. This rounding also facilitates the shaving of complicated areas around the ears, nose, and dimples. Such a design offers you high precision without having to sacrifice security and control.


5/8 inch razors are truel all-rounders and can do any wet shaving task with flying colors. The blade is relatively heavy and can therefore glide gently over your skin without great pressure. At the same time, it is still nimble enough to manage even more technically demanding passages around the nose, ears, and chin.